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Survival Guide to Managing Employees from Hell; Handling Idiots, Whiners, Slackers, and Other Workplace Demons.

Gini Graham Scott. New York, AMACOM, 2007. 230 pages.
Contents: Bad Attitude; Incompetent; Personal Issues; Trust and Honesty; Communication; Putting it all Together.

Fundamentals of Project Management. 3rd ed.
James P. Lewis. New York, AMACOM, 2007. 164 pages.
Contents: Role of the Project Manager; Planning the Project; Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives for the Project; Scheduling Project Work; Project Control and Evaluation; Managing the Project Team.

Directors’ Compensation and Board Practices in 2006.
Charles Peck, Henry M Silvert, and Judit Torok. New York, The Conference Board, 2006. 37 pages. (R-1396-06-RR).
Contents: Annual Compensation of Outside Directors; Board Meetings; Board Committee Service; Benefits for Outside Directors; Leadership and Policies of the Board of Directors.

Are They Really Ready to Work?; Employers’ Perspectives on the Basic Knowledge and Applies Skills of New Entrants to the 21st Century U.S. Workforce.
The Conference Board; Corporate Voices for Working Families; Partnership for 21st Century Skills; and, SHRM. New York, 2006. 61 pages.
Contents: Determining the Current Basic Knowledge and Applied Skill Requirements for Workforce Readiness; Assessing the Recent Entrants’ Preparation in Terms of Basic Knowledge and Applied Skills; Report Card on Workforce Readiness; Assuming Responsibility for Workforce Readiness.

Compensating the Sales Force: a Practical Guide to Designing Winning Sales Compensation Plans.
David J. Cichelli. New York, McGraw Hill, 2004. 218 pages.
Contents: Why Sales Compensation; Sales Compensation Fundamentals; Who Own Sales Compensation; Why Job Content Drives Sales Compensation Design; formula Types; Formula Construction; Support Programs: Territories, Quotas, and Crediting; Administration; Implementation and Communication; Program Assessment; Sales Compensation Design.

Getting Your Way Every Day; Mastering the Lost Art of Pure Persuasion.
Alan Axelrod. New York, AMACOM, 2007. 293 pages.
Contents: Profit from ancient Wisdom; Lay it all Out; Be Ethical, Be Emotional; Welcome to the House of Style; Go Beyond Words; Talk Yourself into the Job You Want; Inspire Your Staff; Satisfy Your Customers; Deal with Your Vendors; Close with Your Investors and Lenders.

Manager’s Guide to Rewards; What you Need to Know to Get the Best For and From Your Employees.
Doug Jensen, Tom McMullen, and Mel Stark. New York, AMACOM, 2007. 241 pages.
Contents: Ensuring an ROI on Your Rewards Programs; Performance Measures that Motivate; Getting Employee Commitment with “Total Rewards”; Base Salary Management: Building the Foundation; Hidden Value of Benefits.


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