Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement defines those employees who are committed to the organization and its goals.  Engaged employees are involved with and are passionate about their jobs.  They expend discretionary effort to do more than the bare minimum, and have a desire to make a difference to your bottom-line.
While the ideal workforce is one that is fully engaged, a 2014 Gallop Poll indicated that only one-third of the US workforce is “engaged” at work.    It’s disheartening to think that almost 70% of your employees may not be engaged in their work, especially where the associated impacts to employee productivity and morale are far reaching and immediate.  
If you believe that low engagement may be an issue at your company, or you’d like to assess where your workforce falls on the engagement spectrum, HEC offers an employee engagement survey tool that may be of use.   After administering the online survey to your employees, HEC will provide you with a survey report that includes: 
  • Engagement and satisfaction scores;
  • Recommendations to increase employee engagement;
  • Comparison of your organization’s results to national norms;
  • Verbatim copies of employee comments for your open-end questions; and
  • Data breakouts and analysis based on your employee demographics.
We are committed to helping you grow your employees’ engagement and thereby improving your organization’s success in the marketplace.  To find out more about our Employee Engagement Survey, contact Derek Kanehira at dkanehira@hecouncil.org or at 440-8810.  Neighbor Island members can call toll free at 800-392-3589.