Executive Coaching as an Essential Leadership Skill (HR Professionals)

Kim Payton
Speaker:  Kim Payton, Ph.D.
Date:  August 31, 2017     Time:  8:30am - 11:30am
Location:  Hawaii Employers Council
Executive coaching has evolved a lot over the last 20 years.  It’s come from being a last-ditch treatment for failing executives, to a standard requirement for senior leaders in response to the rapid rate of change that organizations face these days.  The rate of change has accelerated as Baby Boomers continue to leave the workplace, further hastening the need to develop middle level managers.
This workshop will provide participants with an overview of executive coaching as an essential skill for modern leaders, a variety of coaching models, practical tools, and the opportunity to apply these through hands-on exercises. It will prepare participants to receive executive coaching, and to provide coaching to others.
  • Workshop content includes:


  • What is executive coaching and why is it essential now?


  • What kinds of issues does executive coaching address?


  • What is the essence of a good coaching relationship and how does it work?


  • What do you need to do to prepare managers in your organization to be receptive to acting as coaches and receiving coaching?
Although there are many good external coaching resources available, there aren’t enough to meet the challenge of cultivating the next generation of senior leaders. Developing these invaluable resources internally has never been more important to an organizations continued success.
About our Speaker
Kim Payton earned his Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology at the University of Hawaii and is board certified as an organizational psychologist by the American Board of Professional Psychologists and licensed in the State of Hawaii.  He conducted intercultural communication research at the East West Center, and has taught organizational and applied psychology at the University of Hawaii, the University of Michigan, and the University of Southern California.
Kim has provided strategic planning, leadership development, culture change, and executive coaching consultation to a wide variety of organizational clients in his practice over the last 30 years. Through his Company, Turning Point, Kim brings a trained and objective perspective to understanding human dynamics, developing organizational change strategies, assessing leadership competencies, and counseling individuals and groups through challenges.
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2017 HR Professionals - Building the Next Level of Leadership
In today’s workplace, it is not enough for HR professionals to maintain the status quo within their departments. Instead of focusing solely on administrative tasks, senior leaders now expect their HR teams to work strategically to support organizational goals.  These teams will struggle to do so, however, if their employees have not developed their skills to advance beyond administrative work.
To ensure that both your HR team and your organization remain competitive, it is more important than ever for your HR employees to develop mid- to senior-level competency.  Building on Hawaii Employers Council’s HR Fundamentals certificate training series, we are pleased to announce the 2017 HR Professionals series.  The series, which targets those professionals that already possess the knowledge and skills covered in HR Fundamentals, includes the following session topics:



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