HEC’s New Website Goes Live on November 1

Save the date!  We are excited to announce the launch of HEC’s new website on November 1.  To assist members in the transition, the new website will be accessible through a link on the current website for the month of November.  This will enable you to learn the new website’s features and functionality at your own pace, while maintaining access to the current website’s platform if you need information in a pinch.  On Monday, December 4, HEC’s current website will expire and the new website will be accessible at www.hecouncil.org.
Transition Tips
  1. During the month of November, you can use your company login and quarterly HEC password to log in to the current website.
  2. Company logins for the current website will not work with the new website.  Member organizations were required to provide HEC with an updated authorized user list earlier this year.  Only those employees your organization has authorized to receive individual logins will be able to access the member side of the new website.
  3. Employees who have been authorized to receive individual logins will receive an email containing information on setting up their website logins.  The emails will contain each recipient’s username, password reset information and directions on how to log in to the new website.
  4. Starting on December 4, only the new website will be available and it will be www.hecouncil.org.  The website may not be available on Dec 2 and Dec 3 because of the conversion.
Important Dates
Week of 10/23/2017
HEC will start sending emails to member company employees who were granted access to the new website.  The email will have the employee’s username, password and a direct link to the new website.
HEC’s new website will launch through a link on the current website that will remain open throughout the month of November.
The current website will expire.
The new website will officially be www.hecouncil.org.
In the coming weeks, HEC will reach out to member companies who have not yet returned their updated authorized user lists.  If you have any questions or are ready to submit the list, you may contact Jay Chun at 440-8841, or email website@hecouncil.org with subject line “Updated Contact List.”