Human Resources

Whether you’re a fully matured corporation with an HR department or a new business with someone multi-tasking as an HR manager, there’s no question that managing human resources can be a complex task. An always changing business landscape, required compliance with existing and new laws—such as the Affordable Care Act—and the need to hire, train and retain the best employees puts HR in a role where its performance can significantly affect the health of the company. As a member of HEC, your company gains the advantage of having HEC human resource experts on call to assist when needed. Our HR experts are well versed and up-to-the-minute on the unique regulations and legislation that govern the way business is conducted in Hawaii and nationwide.


Membership in HEC brings the following services free of charge:

*Large projects may require additional fees


The following services are available to members on a fee for service basis:

For questions about HEC's  HR Services, please call Lori Fukumae at (808) 440-8808 or (Neighbor Islands) 1-800-392-3589 or email her at


HR Hotline
Have a question about HR? Our HR professionals and attorneys provide prompt, practical and confidential answers to your questions and the issues affecting your workplace. As a member, you’ll receive free professional assistance on issues such as employee discipline, discrimination, wage and hour requirements, leave of absence laws, benefits, recordkeeping, workers’ compensation and other compliance issues at the moment you need them. We can also help you think through the complex human resource problems that are a daily reality in every organization.  


Employee Handbook Review and FREE Printing
HEC provides its members with a clear, concise “sample” employee handbook that meets regulatory requirements, which may be revised to reflect your own policies as an employer. Once a final version is completed, your membership includes free printing of the handbooks, ensuring that you have as many copies as you need. And if your company already has an employee handbook, we can review it to make sure it is current and compliant with the most recent employment law developments.  


HR Compliance Review
The HR Compliance Review is designed to help your management team evaluate your human resource policies and procedures. The Review is a two-part questionnaire covering various aspects of HR management such as recruitment, hiring, compensation, recordkeeping, benefits and more. As an HEC member, you’ll use the Review to evaluate how well your company is in compliance with state and federal regulations. Completing the Review can give you an early warning of potential trouble spots and we can help bring you into compliance.


Job Descriptions
Job descriptions are extremely important in the recruitment and selection process. They also play an important part in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act and determining whether accommodations must be made, in training and developing employees, in clarifying performance evaluation criteria, and in compensation studies and planning. As a member, you receive access to our resources and our assistance to ensure your job descriptions comply with the ADA and wage and hour laws.


Unemployment Insurance Appeals
Our HR professionals can present your case at an unemployment insurance appeal hearing. Working alongside you, we will review your case, inform you about the unemployment claims process, and let you know what to expect at the hearing. If you wish to be the company’s spokesperson, we can help you prepare your case before the hearings officer.


It’s not easy to stay on top of changes affecting HR when you’re busy running a business. That’s where our weekly newsletter performs a true service. It tracks new trends and regulatory changes in each issue. HEC also publishes quarterly, industry-specific newsletters that focus on labor relations and human resources topics relevant to member companies in that industry. Topics include decisions from the National Labor Relations Board, court decisions, contract settlement summaries, best practices, and trends in the following industries: construction, federal contractors, finance and banking, healthcare, hospitality and food services, and labor relations. As an HEC member, you have unlimited access to this information.


Affirmative Action Program Compliance
Companies with 50 or more employees that have federal government contracts or subcontracts of $50,000 or more must comply with Executive Order 11246. The Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requires government supply and service contractors or subcontractors to develop and maintain written Affirmative Action Plans. Designed to ensure equal employment opportunities, these programs must set forth specific and action-oriented plans to which the contractor commits itself, with good faith efforts. HEC can help you prepare an AAP plan, review your AAP plan for compliance, and prepare you for an OFCCP audit. (Although consultation and support regarding an existing AAP plan is usually provided at no additional charge, drafting a plan from the ground up or large projects may incur an additional fee.)


White Papers, Sample Forms and Policies, Research Reports
HEC has prepared a variety of sample forms, including sample offer letters, job applications, job descriptions, performance appraisals, and COBRA notices. Our forms may be tailored to meet your organizational needs.  We also provide guides and research reports for our members on a variety of topics, including FMLA and Hawaii leave law compliance, wage & hour requirements, reasonable accommodation, USERRA, COBRA, garnishment, WARN and Dislocated Worker Act requirements, workplace violence, drug testing, Hawaii Prepaid Healthcare Act requirements, and others. These documents provide you with information to keep pace with changes in employment laws and business trends.


Compensation Consulting
An effective compensation program is an important aspect of an organization’s ability to attract, retain and motivate talented employees. Our compensation professionals will partner with you to develop a compensation philosophy along with the strategy, structure and programs to support your mission, vision and values. Data from our market surveys are a critical component of this assistance.


Mediation Services
Conflict happens in almost all environments where people gather. Mediation is an alternative form of resolving employee disagreements. When needed, HEC provides its members with an impartial third party who is trained in mediation techniques and who is knowledgeable in dispute resolution. 


HR On-Site Manager
Many organizations do not have adequate human resources support. Some cannot afford a full-time HR manager or are not able to hire the experienced professionals they need. Others do not have sufficient HR staff to handle sudden increases in workload or maintain services during staff leaves of absence or after resignations.


If any of these situations have occurred in your organization, as a member you now have a resource to assist you. For a low hourly fee, an HEC On-Site HR Manager will work at your facility and administer your HR activities on a temporary full-time or part-time basis to handle day-to-day HR problems, issues and crises.


Here are just of the few of the ways an HEC On-Site HR Manager can assist you when your company is a member:

  • HR Department Development—set up a new HR function.
  • HR Shadowing—provide practical guidance and professional mentoring for employees who are newly assigned to HR positions.
  • Recruiting Services—performance of all, or any portion, of your management selection process, from entry level to upper management positions.
  • Employee Handbook Services—from review and critique of your current documentation to complete handbook development.
  • Exit Interviews—structured written or verbal surveys of select individuals or of all who leave the organization.
  • Compensation Plan Design—from job descriptions to complete plan designs.
  • Human resource audits, including:
    • Policies and procedures
    • Federal and State regulatory compliance
    • Personnel forms and records administration
    • Employee orientation
    • Terminations and disciplinary action
    • Absenteeism controls
    • HR compliance
    • Affirmative Action Programs