Labor Relations

In Hawaii, because unionized employees perform a large percentage of the work, employers are often faced with situations that require knowledge and expertise that may go well beyond the capability of the typical human resources department. This is where being a member of HEC can pay huge dividends. HEC has helped its members manage labor relations issues for more than 70 years. We advise on issues that pertain to collective bargaining, including helping you prepare for negotiations. We’re also on call to assist with some of the more problematic issues your company may face, such as employee grievances, charges of unfair labor practices, and potential work stoppages and strikes. Our experience with labor runs wide and deep.


Here are just a few areas where we can be of assistance:



Collective Bargaining

  • Act as your spokesperson in negotiations
  • Prepare for negotiations
  • Finalize agreements for signature
  • Prepare and print contract booklets



Collective Bargaining Agreement Administration

  • Assist with day-to-day interpretation of the contract
  • Provide briefings for managers and supervisors on how to implement terms of a new contract



Unfair Labor Practice Charges

  • Assist in avoiding an unfair labor practice charge
  • Assist with responses to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)



Grievance Handling

  • Represent the company in grievance meetings
  • Assist with preparing responses in the grievance procedure
  • Represent the company in informal arbitrations
  • Provide assistance to your legal counsel in formal arbitrations



Work Stoppages and Strike Preparation

  • Assist with strike preparation
  • Provide guidance during a strike
  • Assist with coordination of law enforcement, customers, vendors and other employees



Union Counter-Organizing

  • Identify key employee issues and develop strategies to deal with an organizing attempt
  • Draft and review communication to employees
  • Train supervisors on how to remain union free



Union Representation Elections

  • Provide guidance through the NLRB representation process
  • Represent the company at NLRB proceedings, if desired and appropriate