HEC Website Tutorial: Member Individual Logins     10.30.17

This tutorial shows how members can login to the new HEC website and also for members to request a login account.

Other Videos

HEC Website Tutorial: HEC Homepage     10.30.17    

This tutorial explains the contents listed on HEC's new homepage.

HEC Website Tutorial: Member Dashboard     10.30.17    

This tutorial will explain how to use the Member Dashboard on HEC's new website.

HEC Website Tutorial: Resources     10.30.17    

In this tutorial, we will explain the use or our new Resources page on the new website.

HEC Website Tutorial: Online Event Registration     10.30.17    

This is a tutorial on how to register for events on HEC's new website.

2017 New Employment Laws in Hawaii     09.14.17    

Ryan Sanada, HEC’s Director of Legal and Government Affairs, discusses two new employment laws that were enacted in 2017.

Preventing Company Holiday Party Headaches     11.23.16    

Workplace holiday parties are meant to be enjoyable and provide employees a chance to unwind and have fun with their co-workers. However, companies must be cautious to not overlook the significant liabilities that can come with hosting such an event.


This  video will provide information about the risks and preventive measures companies can implement to reduce their exposure while still having a successful event!

HR Best Practices for Supporting Nursing Mothers     10.19.16    

In this short segment, Carrie Takahama, Sr. HR Consultant at Hawaii Employers Council, will discuss how employers can create a work environment that supports nursing mothers in the workplace, as well as common situations confronting employers.

Employee Handbook Tips and Avoiding Common Pitfalls     08.29.16    

Tackling creation or review of your employee handbook can be a daunting task.  HR Consultant Jessica Morikone shares some insights on best practices and common mistakes employers make in the creation of their handbook so you can avoid these common pitfalls.

Handling Unemployment Insurance Appeals     08.01.16    

In this video, Janice Yates, HR Advisor,  explains how employers can control their unemployment insurance rates by appealing decisions they don’t agree with. Learn important tips in handling unemployment appeals.

Dengue Fever, Zika and Work – Some Preliminary Issues     03.02.16    

Senior HR Consultant and Staff Attorney Heather Knutson speaks on a few employee concerns that may arise as a result of the current local Dengue Fever outbreak and international Zika outbreak. 


Please note that the information shared in this video is current as of Monday, February 29, 2016.  For additional updates, employers should visit the Hawaii Department of Health website (Dengue Fever) http://health.hawaii.gov/docd/dengue-outbreak-2015/, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (Zika)  http://www.cdc.gov/zika/index.html.  

Overview of Negotiation Services     11.05.15    

Ken Kawamoto, Vice President and Director of Negotiation Services provides an overview of the wide range of services provided through the HEC Negotiation Services Department.

Gaining a pulse check on your organization's Base Pay levels     08.25.15    

Cathy Keaulani, Research & Compensation Services Manager for the Hawaii Employers Council shares how executing a market pricing exercise can help professionals gain a better understanding  of where base pay levels compare with the market.

The Hawaii Employers' Council provides compensation consulting where we will partner with you to develop a compensation philosophy, strategy and structure which is aligned with your organization's mission, vision and values.