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9190766 ~ WEBINAR: Strategic Evolution ~ Using Science to Accelerate Organizational Performance
July 23, 2019 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Thank you for your interest ~ however this webinar has been cancelled.

Don Schmincke, best-selling author and award-winning keynote speaker, has been accused by the NY press of providing “the most provocative view of business than any other speaker today.” What else would you expect from an MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher who was nearly arrested as a capitalist spy in the Soviet Bloc, got shot off an aircraft carrier, survived in the Kurdish capital as the Ayatollah held hostages in Tehran, and developed missile inertial guidance systems while his frat brothers took Vegas (later portrayed in the movie “21”)?

Featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and MSNBC.com

Acclaimed as a Top 10 speaker for the world’s largest CEO organization

In this seminar you’ll learn scientific, yet provocative alternatives to modern leadership hype. See how genetics, anthropology and ancient models bring fresh approaches for achieving dramatic results and answers key leadership questions like:

~  What ancient model revolutionizes leadership performance, sustains competitive advantage, and avoids the high failure rates of  management theory?

~ Which Viking secret generates passionate alignment in teams; and is biologically necessary?

~  Why is the advice to get rid of drama in an organization not medically supported?

~  Do followers really follow leaders – or are they following something else?

~  Which Samurai method drives faster decisiveness by overriding a biological culprit that slows execution and sabotages  team effectiveness?

~  How can anthropology help us design exceptional organizational structures for effectively driving strategy into action?

~  Which 3 tribal arts eliminate cultural fragmentation by triggering genetic grouping instincts?

About Our Speaker
Don Schmincke’s irreverent humor and unconventional methods provide audiences such a refreshing change to other status-quo topics that he’s been called a “management renegade” and “rogue professor.” His patent-pending offerings transcend typical programs via refreshing alternatives to trendy theories, unproven methods, and phony "experts."

The high failure rates of pop-management theories drove Don’s research using anthropology, evolutionary genetics and biology to dispel the "program-of-the-month" syndrome frustrating CEOs and their staff for so long. Don’s science-driven leadership methods accelerate growth in sales, employee satisfaction, and cultural alignment. He admits, “our work is politically incorrect but scientifically accurate.” Audiences love it!

Today, Don flies 200,000 miles annually speaking at conferences, training CEOs in his workshops and working with clients from the Department of Defense (where he helped the U.S. Navy evolve its Fleet Readiness strategy) to companies across every industry including healthcare, manufacturing, non-profits, distribution, technology, communications, finance, and insurance.

Webinar Details:
Date:     Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Time:     2:00 p.m. to  4:00 p.m. 

Registration Fees:
Member Price:              $30.00
Non-Member Price:      $50.00

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Contact Phone: 8084408807

Contact Name: Francine Fong

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