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9200803 Webinar: "No Learning Curve Needed": How Improving your Building's Health Post-COVID-19 Can Improve Bottom Line Productivity and Team Well-being
August 5, 2020 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

As you reopen your business office fully this summer, we have all been exposed to many guidelines and rules about improving the physical space.  Though these are useful, they can be overwhelming and may not seem like progress but more conformity. 

The good news is that by improving certain aspects of the building to make it healthier, you also get a boost to your top and bottom lines.  Learn the scientific proof that improving ventilation rates, privacy and occupant choice of temperature can translate into positive financial returns.  The presenters will also discuss the impact on employee loyalty, cognition and health.

 No Learning Curve Needed – Topics Addressed

  • Top health concerns in most buildings that affect performance and results
  • Framework for prioritizing healthier building improvements
  • Three main building improvements that make a building safer post-pandemic
  • Why building improvements have “no learning curve”, thus leading to faster ROI
  • How to decide which improvements best fit your sector, industry and building type
  • The powerful role your workforce’s safety perception plays in business recovery
  • How Internet-enabled technology helps keep your building, and people, safe every day

About Our Presenters:

Manfred Zapka, PhD, COO and Chief Science Officer of Great Places and Spaces LLC, is a Healthy Building Doctor who has been certified in Healthy Building Design and Healthy Workplaces by LEED and WELL, the occupant health side of healthy buildings. 

Manfred has advised clients in Hawaii and on the mainland about making business choices that help the external and internal environment, thus leading to improved revenue and lower costs.  He was part of the team that designed Navatek, worked in software companies in Europe and in Boston, and though internationally known, has been living Hawaii for more than 30 years.

In addition to launching healthy building initiatives as part of Great Places and Spaces, Manfred has focused on helping businesses “follow the science” of health and well being in reopening after the disruption of COVID-19.

Phyllis Horner, PhD is the CEO and Employee Productivity Expert at  Great Places and Spaces LLC.  Phyllis is an expert in treating customers and team well, from their standpoint. Her expertise in process, surveys, and service excellence has been integrated with the built environment.  Her passion is helping make it easy for leaders to provide a healthy, productive work setting that matches the needs of each individual team member to get optimal performance and intent to stay.

Her current interest is in using online assessments, coaching and self-paced courses to equip both leaders and individual professionals to discover their ideal work environment, and create a “hybrid” workforce, some in the office, some remote, some in and out.

Benson Chan is the Senior Partner, Strategy of Things based in San Francisco, CA. He has over 25 years of scaling innovative businesses and bringing innovations to market for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. 

Benson serves on several thinktank groups including the CompTIA IoT Industry Advisory Council, the Telecommunications Industry Association Smart Buildings Working Group, and the NIST GCTC Wireless, Smart Buildings, and Smart Regions Collaborative superclusters.

Benson is currently working with Great Places and Spaces and two other groups on a leading edge project to make safe places feel safe, not only be safe.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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