Payment of Wages and Wage and Hour Laws Frequently Asked Questions

Employers often have questions about state and federal laws pertaining to the payment of wages and wage and hour laws.  HEC has updated its frequently asked questions to include updates to the law and answers to additional questions.

  • What can and can’t employers deduct from an employee’s paycheck?
  • Can employers require employees to sign up for direct deposit?
  • If an employee works 10 minutes over 40 hours, must the employee be paid overtime?
  • Do employers have to pay employees for time spent attending a voluntary training that will improve their job skills?
  • If employees travel for work, does their employer have to pay for the time they are on the airplane?
  • Do employees have to be paid for time spent waiting for their next assignment?
  • Must employers pay for the time employees spend putting on safety gear?

Learn the answers to these questions and much more in the updated Payment of Wages and Wage and Hour Laws Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional information about wage and hour laws is available here.

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