Resources Updated for New Hawaii Laws

On September 15, Governor Ige signed into law four new employment laws:

  • Act 17 prohibits sexual harassment and sexual assault nondisclosure agreements;
  • Act 40 expands the Hawaii Family Leave Law to include care for grandchildren and clarifies the definition of “sibling”;
  • Act 44 updates DLIR’s monetary assessments and penalties according to changes in the Consumer Price Index; and
  • Act 51 abbreviates the lookback period for criminal convictions.

On September 22, Hawaii Employers Council issued its Legislative Digest summarizing those laws.  On September 29, HEC released its Highlights of Bills after Veto Deadline, which provides HEC members a deeper discussion of three of those new laws (Act 17, Act 44, and Act 51) and how they may impact the workforce.

Employers should review the legislative digest and highlights and update policies, procedures, and handbook provisions accordingly.  HEC has updated the following resources on its website to reflect the changes made by these new laws:

Application Process

  1. Guide to Employee Selection
  2. Pre-employment Inquiry Guide
  3. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Compliance in the Hiring Process


  1. Comparison of the Hawaii Family Leave Law and Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993
  2. Sample HFLL & FMLA Combined Policy (for Companies with 100+ Employees)


  1. Employment Law Penalties

Employee Handbook & Policies

  1. Guide to Developing HR Policies and Procedures
  2. Guide to Preparing an Employee Handbook and Sample Handbook Policy Statements
  3. Sample HFLL & FMLA Combined Policy (for Companies with 100+ Employees) (same as #5, above)

If you have any questions, please reach out to your HEC consultant or call us at (808) 836-1511 (Oahu) or 1-800-392-3589 (Neighbor Islands).

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