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Sean Steele - Human Resources Manager
"Our company has partnered with the Hawaii Employers Council since 2001, and I have to say that we are continuously impressed by their service and support.

They have an exceptional team who we rely on for sound advice. Their speedy real-time assistance, on topic seminars, and overall support has helped transform the way we manage our team members.

As an operational, strategic, and administrative professional, it is important to have a reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful professional resource. HEC has consistently been able to meet those expectations and more.

I look forward to our continued partnership and growth together."

Elite Mechanical Inc.

Tom Nishi - Secretary and Treasurer
"As small business owners, we often have to wear many hats in the course of running our businesses. The old adage – “Jack of all trades – Master of none” often applies; but since all aspects of our businesses may be critical to our success or failure – we need to be able to skillfully maneuver all aspects of running a business. Fortunately, we can turn to HEC as our “Masters” of HR! The ever-changing landscape of employment laws and regulations, and related personnel issues requires constant and disciplined oversight and HEC provides such important oversight.”

“HEC’s informative seminars and workshops are invaluable resources in helping us effectively run our business. One of the workshops led us to engage one of the consultants to develop a detailed Strategic Plan for our company which has stimulated much excitement with our entire staff for the future of our company. "

Federal Maintenance Hawaii, Inc.

Bob Sage - President & CEO
"As 18 year members of Hawaii Employers Council, we can say with complete confidence that the value of our membership is well worth the dues. The janitorial service industry typically has a much higher turnover rate than other industries, and we rely on the council for timely HR advice and supervisor training to minimize that turnover.

The Council has provided us with same-day advice in urgent HR situations, keeping us from making seemingly innocent HR mistakes. People sometimes do the darnedest things, and having someone to talk to about employee issues has really helped us make better decisions for the company and our employees.

The training HEC has provided to our field supervisors has been very helpful to ensure they are fair and professional in dealing with employee matters, whether big or small. In turn, our employees appreciate and respect their supervisors because they know they are professionally trained and “In the Know.”

The value of our HEC membership is considerably less expensive than the costs associated with a full-blown HR fiasco, which the Council has partnered with us to prevent. The cost is also much less than staffing a full HR department. We appreciate the ability to spend those dollars elsewhere in our business. It enables us to remain competitive while ensuring that the HR needs of our organization are met."

Goodwill Hawaii

Laura Smith - President/CEO
"Goodwill has held membership with Hawaii Employers Council for many years. We see them as an extension of our Human Resource department and they provide our HR team excellent service in many areas including helping us to craft and update HR policies to reflect updated law and practice, and providing expertise for our team in the various areas of HR management. Access to their trainings and member briefings are also an important member benefit that we utilize often. Their statewide focus allows Goodwill team members on all islands to receive the professional HR guidance that HEC provides."

Hale Makua Health Services

Ted Tucker - Chief Human Resources & Compliance Officer
"For 40 years, Hale Makua Health Services has come to depend on its important business partnership with the Hawaii Employer’s Council. The Council is one of our top strategic partners.

With nearly 80% of our workforce represented by one of three unions, the Council’s assistance with collective bargaining, contract interpretation, and grievance consultation is essential to our maintaining positive labor relations.

With ever changing employment regulations and case law, the Council’s weekly News Digest emails keep me and my team informed about the latest developments in our field. Beyond the information delivered to us, we look to the Council’s HR and labor consultants for advice, guidance, and sometimes just confirmation that we’re on the right track with complicated situations. We appreciate that the HEC consultants have knowledge of Hawaii employment laws, are just a toll-free phone call away, and are located in our time zone.

Recent additions to the Council’s member services, like access to the CCH AnswersNow tools and database, provide critical information that’s been carefully vetted. This saves me time and is much more reliable than an internet search. As a member company on a neighbor island, we appreciate that the Council makes many of its excellent, timely seminars available to us as webinars. And every year we send our new managers to HEC’s Fundamentals of Supervision series of trainings that are offered on Maui.

The salary and benefit surveys prepared by the Council help us ensure that Hale Makua’s total rewards are aligned with our company mission and compensation philosophy. We especially appreciate the industry-specific surveys and data analysis.

If Hale Makua Health Services had to pay separately for consultants, attorneys, trainers, analysts, and paralegals to provide all the services we now receive combined from the Council, it would easily cost four times more than our annual HEC membership dues. The return on investment is easily four to one."

Hawaii Baptist Academy

Stephen Arita - Human Resources Director
"HEC is an invaluable resource in helping us with our compensation and pay structure development. They have much knowledge and experience in this area, and we feel so fortunate to be able to work with professionals who are patient and friendly. I can’t express how much I enjoy working with HEC."

Hawaiian Cool Water, LLC
Coffee Systems Hawaii

Michael and Alix Hernandez-Soria - Managing Members
"HEC has the resources and knowledge to respond quickly, with high-quality advice, and always with our best interests in mind. There’s never a question of financial incentive driving their actions or advice.

As a small and rapidly growing business, it is so important for us to have an experienced, trusted partner that really knows the ins and outs of HR in Hawaii.

When we tripled our business with the purchase of Coffee Systems Hawaii in December 2018, we had to integrate the teams, and make sure the two company cultures blended together well. HEC helped us by drafting a new employee handbook, specific to our circumstances and were there for us with all the employee on-boarding issues that we faced with acquiring a company larger than ourselves.

We didn’t consider all the complications to having a statewide presence. From working through setting employee travel policies to the issues specific to having employees and independent contractors on neighbor islands that work from home, HEC has also been helpful with understanding how we should think about compensation, benefits and company policies.

They are an invaluable partner. Starting and growing a business in Hawaii is hard, but our HEC membership means someone’s always got our back.

The value of what we receive for what we pay is extraordinary. HEC advice has saved us thousands of dollars on lawyers and consultants. They are always there to talk things through with us, to bounce ideas around, or just to guide us in the intricacies and nuances of hiring and firing. They are there for us every step of the way, and always highly competent and knowledgeable. They are invaluable!"

Highway Inn

Monica Toguchi Ryan - President
"Highway Inn became a member of HEC in 2009 initially to take advantage of its employee handbook benefit. This proved to be more cost effective than other alternatives as the handbook required numerous updates as labor laws continually changed and evolved. Since then, we have also been able to take advantage of HEC's meeting rooms to hold our company's annual training which includes HEC's supervisory classes for our management team and to cover required specific training for all of our employees.

Most employers understand the numerous challenges of owning and operating a business in Hawai'i and need to outsource functions where it makes good business sense. Furthermore, our American legal system has enabled people to file lawsuits that are with or without merit, and ultimately the employer shoulders this additional burden. By utilizing HEC’s resources we are able to stay updated and compliant and be confident that we have managed the risk of lawsuits. Staying informed and out of court will be worth every penny paid in dues."

Kamehameha Schools

Janis Kane - HR Strategic Planning Officer
"We use HEC’s survey services extensively and have gained great benefit from it. HEC is very accommodating to our requests for customized surveys and special cuts of the data. We are indebted to them for taking on and continuing to conduct an annual survey of Hawaii private schools. HEC doesn’t just provide survey results, they also follow up by assisting with analysis and data interpretation. They are flexible to work with."

Koa Pancake House & Koa Café

Juno Chung - Owner
"In 1988, my parents started Koa Pancake House. Over the years, what started as one location and 14 employees has grown to 8 locations and over 100 employees. In 2014, my parents retired and I took over the family business. One of my top priorities was to change from a mom-and-pop style business to a structured small business organization. As part of that restructure, I knew I needed help with HR.

HEC has been a huge help with my operations and my business. I feel as if I am getting the better end of the deal given the very reasonable dues I pay for member services. The Council is my go-to point of contact for all HR matters. With the laws constantly changing, HEC has helped me stay compliant by keeping my company handbook up to date and frequently updating me and my staff on upcoming changes to the law. To be completely honest, I don't feel comfortable making a decision without consulting the Council first. Ultimately when it comes down to it, I feel at ease partnering with HEC and for me, that's priceless."

Pūlama Lānaʻi

Kurt Matsumoto - Chief Operating Officer
"Hawaii Employers Council has been a great partner for Pūlama Lāna‘i, as well as more than 800 other organizations in Hawaii. We rely on them for expert advice on a variety of employee-relations issues, such as labor and employment law updates, union negotiations, training and development programs, and survey and research information. HEC’s staff is fast, accessible and knowledgeable and we trust them so much that we consider them to be an extension of our own team."

Servco Pacific

Rick Ching - President & Chief Operating Officer
"I’m not sure if Servco’s founder, Peter Fukunaga, knew that by joining the Hawaii Employers Council (HEC) back in 1944 what a long and rewarding relationship he was beginning. Many of us at Servco are glad he had the foresight to be one of the early members of this fine organization. Over past 69 years we have used most, if not, all of the services HEC provides!

We have had hundreds of managers learn from HEC’s excellent training classes, and even partnered with them to offer some joint HEC/Servco programs. Their labor relations consultants have served us well in negotiating labor union contracts and providing other advice and guidance. Our Servco Human Resources professionals use many of HEC’s surveys to benchmark our pay, benefit programs and HR policies. We appreciate the timely and relevant updates HEC provides via email and on their website. They also help us, and many employers, by monitoring our Hawaii legislators and legislative activity and trends each year, and helping us comply with the ever-growing multitude of labor laws.

Servco has been a strong supporter of HEC over the years by having several of its executives serve on HEC’s Board of Directors. While we like to think we have “served” HEC in this capacity, each of these executives will attest to how much they gained by participating in this way. They built strong business ties with other key Hawaii executives, stayed abreast of employment and legal trends, and developed themselves as even better leaders.

We are certainly looking forward to continuing our long and valued relationship with HEC and its talented and knowledgeable staff."
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