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Hawaii's New Protected Class: Reproductive Health Decision

February 10, 2020

Category: HEC TV

A new Hawaii law prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants or employees because of their reproductive health decisions.  In this video, Senior HR Consultant Jessica Morikone discusses what this law covers and some of the impacts and actions items employers will want to consider as a result of this change.

HEC Announces Employment & Training Fund Provider Agreement

December 16, 2019

Category: HEC TV

In this segment of HEC TV, Senior Human Resources Consultant Mike Vasper shares information about HEC's agreement with the state of Hawaii's Employment & Training Fund.

ABC’s of Hawaii’s Prepaid Health Care Act

October 7, 2019

Category: HEC TV

In this new episode of HEC TV, HR Advisor Janice Yates explains Hawaii’s Prepaid Health Care Act in a nutshell.  She answers questions such as what should an employer do if a new hire doesn’t waive coverage or return the enrollment form to sign up for medical coverage?   Does the company have to pay a portion of the premium for an employee’s dependents?  Am I the “principal” or “secondary” employer?

Learn About What HEC Does

September 16, 2019

Category: HEC TV

HEC has long been one of the best kept secrets among company owners, executives and HR professionals. Where else can you gain access to and support from senior professionals with expertise in areas ranging from human resources to labor relations to compensation and benefit survey information? Your membership provides that and much more.

Gender X and EE0-1 Filing

September 16, 2019

Category: HEC TV

What does the passing of the Gender ‘X’ law mean for your organization? In this episode of HEC TV, HR Consultant Megan Jorah will discuss (1) the gender X law and (2) how the measure impacts an employer’s EEO-1 filing.


Leave and Schedule Modifications Under the ADA

April 29, 2019

Category: HEC TV

Do you know what to do when an employee requests leave or a modified schedule under the Americans with Disabilities Act?  In this episode of HEC TV, HR Consultant Dayna Kamimura-Ching discusses how to determine whether (1) in-person attendance is an essential function of a job or (2) the ADA requires an employer to grant leave and/or schedule modifications as reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

Let’s Talk about a $15 Minimum Wage

April 1, 2019

Category: HEC TV

Hawaii lawmakers are considering whether to increase the minimum wage in Hawaii from $10.10 to $15 per hour.  In this video, HEC’s Director of Legal and Government Affairs, Ryan Sanada, shares some thoughts and research on issues such as:

  • differences between a minimum wage and living wage,
  • who is actually earning the minimum wage,
  • consequences of raising the minimum wage, and
  • whether the minimum wage should be increased in Hawaii.

Businesses who wish to reach out to their legislators to express concerns about a minimum wage increase are encouraged to do so.  Contact information for all legislators can be found here:  2019 Hawaii State Legislators Directory. 


Stay Safety Savvy with an Effective Written Safety Plan

March 8, 2019

Category: HEC TV

Effective October 27, 2018, new administrative rules for the State of Hawaii Department of Occupational Safety and Health (HIOSH) requires companies who have 10 or more employees to develop a written safety and health program that satisfies HIOSH/OSHA requirements.  Previously, such written programs were required only for companies with 25 or more employees.   

HR Consultant Jessica Morikone talks about what is a written safety and health program, who must have one, what must be included in the program, and what resources are available to employers to assist in creating an effective plan.

HEC 75th Anniversary

November 21, 2018

Category: HEC TV

The Hawaii Employers Council celebrates 75 years of serving Hawaii’s business community.  Mahalo nui loa to our members, board, partners and Hawaii’s business community.  It is an honor to be your trusted partner!

Five Pillars for Building Commitment

October 17, 2018

Category: HEC TV

One of the greatest keys to success in managing people is to utilize a coaching approach. Coaching can be simple and quite powerful if you include all five of these elements each time you meet with your employees:

  • Focus
  • Involvement
  • Development
  • Gratitude
  • Accountability

Source:  Brounstein, Marty, Coaching and Mentoring for Dummies (2000).

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