Compensation Services

Competitive base pay is essential to attract and retain the talent needed to help an organization thrive.  Employee job satisfaction and engagement begins with a competitive pay structure, because without a competitive base salary, all other benefits have less of an impact towards an employee's decision to stay or leave an organization.

Accurate and timely review of market data is the key to maintaining the right balance between paying too little and paying too much.  The Council is a resource for both local (with neighbor island demographics provided when available) and national wage information.  All which may be utilized with the enhancement and/or development of compensation programs and structures.

Compensation is a specialized area and HEC can:

  • Provide a competitive assessment of jobs against the market and enhance/develop salary structures which are aligned with your organization's philosophy and strategy; and
  • Be a sounding board and resource to compensation teams where tasked with tactical and/or strategic change initiatives; and share insights, resources and informal coaching for ongoing compensation skills development.
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