HR Professionals Day

November 20, 2020

Human resources professionals across Hawaii have taken unprecedented measures to keep their employees safe and to care for their wellbeing, especially this year. They rapidly adjusted to mass remote work, complied with new employment laws, and developed business continuity plans, emergency procedures, and internal communications. 

Their extraordinary efforts deserve to be recognized. Through our work with the Governor’s office, Governor Ige will proclaim November 20th as Human Resources Professionals Day to honor those who perform human resources functions in Hawaii.  View Proclamation

Please join us in celebrating your human resources team. This person or persons may have a traditional HR job title (e.g., Employee and Labor Relations, Recruiter, Compensation Manager, Talent Manager, Learning & Development Director, Safety Manager, Benefit Specialist, or HR Specialist) or a non-HR job title (e.g., Office Manager, Controller, General Manager, or Operations Manager). As long as they perform HR functions for your organization, please remember to recognize them and show your appreciation.

To get you started, we’ve listed a few ideas you can use to show appreciation for the HR professionals in your company:

  1. Verbally say “Thank You”
    It costs nothing to say “Thank You” to verbally express your appreciation to someone. Not only do people feel good for being recognized, but you’ll also boost morale and help people feel valued and appreciated.

  2. Use a Handwritten Note
    Send a note or card to communicate your appreciation. This is an inexpensive way to say thank you and it lasts longer than a verbal expression.

  3. Use Technology
    Prefer to use technology to show appreciation for the HR professionals in your workplace? Whether it is through an email, a post on the company intranet, using social media, or a digital group card like Kudoboard to express your gratitude, using technology is typically free or low cost and reaches a large audience.

  4. Bring Food
    Bring or deliver food such as a catered bento box snack or lunch to demonstrate how much you appreciate the work your HR team does for the company, employees and the community.

What are some things you’ve done or plan to do to show your appreciation for the HR professionals in your workplace? Share your organization’s stories on social media using the hashtag #HumanResourcesProfessionalsDay and tag us on LinkedIn and Facebook.  We’d love to see your ideas!

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