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68 Percent Do Not Wipe Corporate Data from Replaced Tablets/Smartphones

Posted Thursday, December 20, 2012 2:57 pm

The majority of Bring Your Own Device employees are not properly disposing of or wiping corporate information from personal devices when upgrading to the latest tablets and smartphones, according to a Harris Interactive survey conducted on behalf of mobile device consultant Fiberlink.


According to the survey of U.S. adults who previously had a smartphone and/or tablets before the one(s) they currently use for work, only 16 percent had the data professionally wiped from the old device and only 5 percent had the device securely destroyed. The majority of respondents, 58 percent, said they kept the old device, although it remained inactive; 13 percent turned it over to their service provider; 11 percent said they donated the device, simply gave it away or threw it in the trash; and 9 percent did something else with their previous device.


Fiberlink recommends a four-step process to make sure device deactivation is easy and stress-free:


  • Notify Your IT Department. Once you receive a new device and want to use it for your company's BYOD program, send your IT department a note and let them know you will be swapping devices.


    • Transfer Corporate Materials to Your New Device. Have your IT department quickly transfer all corporate materials from the old device to the new device through their mobile device management (MDM) platform. This generally involves enrolling in an MDM solution which pushes down corporate e-mail and Wi-Fi profiles, applications and corporate documents. If you don't have an MDM solution, ask your IT department to assist with transferring data, although it could take much longer.


    • Extract Personal Data from Your Device. Now that your corporate data has been transferred to the new device, remove and save all personal files. This can be accomplished with the native tools and back-up services of the operative system or the manufacture (e.g., Apple's iCloud and Google Drive).


    • Erase all Remaining Personal and Corporate Data. Fully decommission the old device by removing all personal and corporate data. Make sure to delete all data. Most devices have an option in the setting menu to perform a factory data reset which will wipe the data completely. This can also be accomplished remotely by an MDM platform. Note: In some tablets and smartphones, you should manually remove the storage card and use it in your new device or erase the data from it as well.


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