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HEC Releases Turnover and Sick Time Statistics Report

Posted Tuesday, May 30, 2017 7:45 am
In 2016, the overall turnover rate in Hawaii for all industries was calculated at 16.8%, according to HEC's annual turnover rate survey.  The survey report presents annual turnover rates for selected industry groups by job type, including statistics of turnover due to economic layoffs or downsizing. The report also shares data on paid sick leave provided by employers, as well as the number of days used by categories of employees.
Turnover Rate
The 2016 turnover rate represents a 0.3% decrease over that presented in 2015, although the lowest turnover rate reported over the past five years was 15.1% in 2014.
5 Year Historical Trend
Leisure / Hospitality Services and Social Services are the two industries that have been part of the top four industries experiencing high levels of turnover over the last two years.  Industries that experienced the highest level of turnover for the 2016 calendar year were:
The average involuntary turnover rate has been hovering around 2.0%, with the largest layoffs occurred in 2013 and 2016.
Involuntary TurnOver
Paid Sick Leave
While the average number of sick days provided hovered around 13.7 sick days, the percentage of sick days used in comparison to the sick days provided has decreased by 2.8% over the past three calendar years.  The overall average number of paid sick days provided and used per year by full-time employees for the past three years is presented below.  The overall average number of sick days used for most industries is between three to six days.
Sick Leave
Other key findings of the survey include:
  • A majority of participating organizations provide sick leave to employees, with a smaller number of organizations offering leave through a paid time off (PTO) plan.
  • Many organizations also offer sick benefits to part time employees, where the definition of part-time varied as follows:

Less Than 20 Hours


  • Of those organizations covered by the Hawaii Family Leave Law (HFLL), 38.3% allow their employees to use more than ten days of paid sick leave to care for family members with "serious" health conditions, and 44.7% allow employees to use paid sick leave to care for a family member with a "non-serious" health condition.
  • Almost 50% of surveyed employers allow employees to use paid sick leave to care for a family member with an illness, injury or other condition.  All organizations allowing employees to use paid sick leave in this way allow for care of spouses/domestic/civil union partners and children.  Other family members covered under employer sick leave plans include the following:
Family Members Covered
  • Of the surveyed employers allowing employees to use sick leave to care for a family member, the top four impediments for which employees may provide care to family members are:
  • Injury;
  • Illness;
  • Chronic health condition; and
  • Mental illness.




  • Most organizations require a doctor's note for absences exceeding three days before sick leave pay is granted.  A few require a doctor's note if the absence exceeds two days, with a small number of organizations not normally requiring a doctor's note.


Doctor's Note

  • A majority of the participating organizations allow employees to begin accruing or using sick leave hours immediately or within the first month. Other organizations, allow employees to begin after the orientation period. Very few organizations have employees wait until a year to be eligible.
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