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The 2018 National Safety Stand-Down is Just Around the Corner

Posted Tuesday, April 10, 2018 6:31 am

In an effort to reduce construction fall fatalities and injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will host the 2018 National Safety Stand-Down next month.  To participate in the Stand-Down, construction industry employers are encouraged to schedule a voluntary safety talk with their workers sometime between May 7 and May 11. 

If job site work involves fall hazards, the discussion can focus on identifying those hazards and implementing safety measures to reduce the risk of falls.  In preparation for that meeting, employers should evaluate their fall prevention program by asking themselves several questions, including:

  • What types of falls could happen in the workplace?
  • What aspects of your organization’s fall prevention program need improvement?
  • What training have you provided to employees and how effective has it been?
  • What equipment have you provided to employees and does it need updating?

After completing this evaluation, company managers are ready to plan the content of their stand-down meeting.  Information that can be shared incudes a discussion of known safety hazards and injury prevention methods, as well as a review of the company’s safety policies and practices.  A worksite walkaround or equipment check can be incorporated into the meeting to further engage workers in the discussion. 

Even employers that do not do work involving possible exposure to fall hazards can schedule a Safety Stand-Down.  The focus of those discussions would include a discussion of safety hazards that are present at their worksites, as well as a review of injury prevention methods, company safety policies and practices.

For more information on the National Safety Stand-Down, including tools, tips and resources for planning your own event, click here

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