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Lending a Hand in the Aftermath of the Kauai and East Oahu Floods

Posted Tuesday, May 1, 2018 6:28 am

Residents and businesses are recovering after torrential rains and flooding caused significant damage on Kauai and in East Oahu last month.  Many governmental and community organizations are on the ground providing immediate support to those impacted.  Those organizations include Emergency Management Agency offices on Oahu and Kauai, the National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, the American Red Cross, and more.  Even the State’s Department of Taxation has been involved, announcing that Kauai and East Honolulu taxpayers affected by heavy rains and flooding on April 14 can claim all casualty loss deductions allowable under federal law, and that insurance payouts for damaged or lost inventory used in business located within the disaster area are exempt from general excise tax.   

Over the days that have followed the storm, HEC has seen members are directly involved in recovery efforts – either because they were impacted by the rain and floods or because they are working hand in hand with affected communities to provide support and assistance.

Do You Need Assistance?

Any member organization needing assistance during this period of recovery can reach out to HEC to detail their request, and we will communicate that need to members, many of whom have expressed a desire to provide support. 

  • Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church runs Angel Network Charities, Hawaii Foodbank’s largest food distributing agency in East Oahu.  Located in Aina Haina, the facility sustained direct damage from the flooding. All buildings on campus were damaged, three of which were uninsured (including the building that houses Angel Network Charities). This member would be appreciative of donations (made through a Flood Recovery Go Fund Me page) and volunteer time.  Please email with questions about volunteering.

Would You Like to Support Relief Efforts?

If you and/or your organization would like to support flood relief efforts, there are several ways that you can do so.

Option One - Connect with Organizations that Are Working on Flood Relief 

HEC member organizations that are assisting with flood recovery include the following:

  • Hawaii Community Foundation has established the Kauai Relief and Recovery Fund in partnership with Pierre and Pam Omidyar, the Agne Family Fund and two anonymous donors. The fund’s focus is to provide immediate aid to impacted Kauai communities, to help stabilize affected communities and rebuild where needed.  A number of grants have already been given to affected organizations, and more are available.  Individuals and organizations interested in making donations to this fund are also able to do so. 
  • Hawaii Foodbank has a website page that details how to help with the work that they are doing to support flood relief efforts.  
  • Child & Family Service is distributing information and providing counseling to affected families on how to help their children cope with the trauma of disaster. The agency’s Parent Line, a free confidential phone line available at 1-800-816-1222, staffs experienced professionals who are available to assist parents with questions.

Any member organization that is providing recovery assistance and would like to share opportunities to become involved in its efforts can reach out to HEC with more information.  We will communicate this information to other members.  

      Option Two – Identify Community Needs and Organize a Team to Help

HEC member organizations that want to work directly to impact affected areas (as opposed or in addition to contributing to organizations that are already on the ground in those areas), can work to learn what community members need and seek to provide it. 

For example, Gather Federal Credit Union has donated to several local food banks, hosted bake sales to raise more funds for donation, and had employees head to the North Shore of Kauai to provide physical assistance with recovery efforts.   The credit union also plans to reach out to North Shore residents to offer loans or payment deferrals.  Another Kauai member, Kipu Ranch, has been lending equipment to help transport recovery supplies to areas that need them. 

For more information on the specific needs that communities may have, check the Malama Kauai website.

      Option Three – Go Visit that Restaurant or Book that Weekend Getaway

While some businesses have been forced to shut down because landslides and flooding have limited access to work areas or destroyed facilities, others face a different kind of struggle.  Decreased visits to open businesses in affected areas has resulted in shutdowns, layoffs, or reductions in employee work schedules at a time when many need the hours (and paycheck) the most.  In addition to donating resources and time to organizations assisting in the recovery, you should not underestimate the value of having a lunch meeting at an affected restaurant or scheduling a weekend getaway on Kauai to support businesses as they get back on their feet again.

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