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DLIRíS New Unemployment Insurance Portal to Become Mandatory for All Hawaii Employers

Posted Tuesday, March 19, 2019 6:28 am

On March 11, representatives from the Unemployment Insurance (“UI”) division of the Hawaii State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (“DLIR”) gave a 90 minute presentation explaining the purpose and functionality of their new UI website for employers.  During the presentation, the DLIR also noted that all employers in Hawaii will be required to register for and use an online account through this new website.

While the DLIR did not provide a timeline for when employers will be required to start utilizing the new online portal, they did indicate that it could happen in the near future.  In addition, the DLIR will be phasing out HUI Express and the Quarterly Wage Reporting System (aka “QWRS Program”).  Paper submissions for UI purposes will also no longer be accepted. 

The DLIR has also recently sent out notices regarding use of the new website to companies in Hawaii, along with their new UI tax rate forms.  They will likely also send out reminders in the future as they move all employers from HUI and QWRS to the new UI website. 

This new website will provide employers with online access to their UI account information such as tax rates and reporting history.  Employers will also be able to report quarterly wage data, make payments, request refunds, complete online forms, and more. 

Employers can access the DLIR’s UI website here:  DLIR Unemployment Insurance Website.

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