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Highlights of FY 2018 HCRC Annual Report

Posted Tuesday, April 9, 2019 6:27 am

The Hawaii Civil Rights Commission (“HCRC”) published its Annual Report for fiscal year 2018.  Highlights include:

  • A total of 471 employment cases were accepted by the HCRC, a decrease from FY 2017 in which 502 employment complaints were filed.

  • The primary bases[1] most cited were:
    • Disability – 111 cases (23.6%)
    • Age – 91 cases (19.3%)
    • Retaliation – 73 cases (15.5%)
    • Sex – 63 cases (13.4%)
      • 15 cases alleged sexual harassment as the primary basis
      • 18 cases were primarily based on pregnancy
    • Race – 50 cases (10.6%)
    • Ancestry/National Origin – 40 cases (8.5%)
    • Arrest and Court Record – 17 cases (3.6%)
    • Sexual Orientation – 6 cases (1.3%)
    • Religion – 5 cases (1.1%)
    • Domestic or Sexual Violence Victim Status – 1 case (.2%)


  • 22 employment cases were brought forward for litigation because an investigation resulted in a recommendation that there was reasonable cause to believe discrimination had occurred.

[1] Although complaints may contain more than one basis for the alleged discriminatory conduct, for statistical purposes, each complaint is identified by only one designated “primary basis.”  For example, if a complaint alleges primarily age discrimination, but also retaliation, it was counted only as an age discrimination case.  Thus, the actual number of allegations is much higher than this data suggests.

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