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How and Why to Improve Company Culture

Posted Tuesday, June 25, 2019 6:25 am

A recent study by Speakap discusses the importance company culture has on improving employee loyalty and relationships.  Speakap describes workplace culture as “the sum of a company’s values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.”  According to Speakap, “When a company makes a serious commitment and takes pride in how its values and beliefs are embodied throughout its workforce, it can attract top-notch talent, increase happiness, create a sense of fulfilment, positively impact performance and ultimately, improve employee relationships, loyalty and retention.”

The study, entitled “The Culture Factor:  Improving Employee Loyalty & Relationships,” found that 79% of U.S. respondents said that company culture is important to them and more than half said they would rather work 60 hours per week than work at a company that doesn’t value culture.

The survey asked respondents various questions, with the top responses being noted below.

  • “Which one of the following is the most important attribute of a strong culture?”
    • Respect and fairness (34%)
    • Trust and integrity (21%)
  • “Which one of the following makes you feel connected to a company’s culture during the first 30 days?”
    • Sharing organization’s mission, vision, and values (24%)
    • Being invited to participate in multiple onboarding/training sessions (19%)
    • Being assigned a buddy/mentor prior to the first day (16%)
    • Being invited to communicate with colleagues prior to the first day (15%)
      • TIP: Invite new hires to attend onboarding sessions to introduce new hires to the company’s mission and values, organizational structure, payroll/benefits, etc.
      • TIP: Assign the new hire a buddy/mentor prior to the first day of work to answer any questions they might have about the company’s culture, protocols, and anything else they want to know.
  • “Which one of the following makes you feel connected to a company after the first 30 days?”
    • Ongoing job guidance and support (28%)
    • Positive recognition and rewards (21%)
    • Shift/schedule flexibility (15%)
      • TIP: Set up personalized training sessions that are specific to the new hire’s responsibilities.
      • TIP: Set up 30, 60, and 90-day check-ins to discuss the new hire’s experience, including challenges and feedback.
  • “How much of an impact do each of the following factors have on your job satisfaction?
    • Job security (74% responded that it had high impact)
    • Appreciation for work (73%)
    • Good Work-life balance (71%)
  • “What’s your biggest complaint about your relationship with your direct/line manager?”
    • Lack of guidance and support (12%)
    • Clear instructions not provided for tasks (12%)
      • TIP: Communicate clearly, honestly and frequently, and create a safe place for feedback
  • “What is the biggest detriment to workplace bonds/ relationships?”
    • Poor/lack of internal communications (22%)
    • Lack of team unity (21%)
    • Toxic company culture (19%)

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