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Can Hawaii Employers Post A Job Ad Seeking “UH Students”?

Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2018 6:26 am

The Hawaii Civil Rights Commission determined that a job ad for “UH students” is unlawful age discrimination.  At issue in Hoshijo v. Morning Hill Foods was two job ads for the restaurant employer – one Craigslist ad for “active full-time undergraduate (B.A. students, hopefully UH Manoa students)” and a storefront window ad for “UH (Manoa) students.” Although the Complainant in the case did not apply for the job because she felt it would be futile, HCRC concluded the job ads amounted to age discrimination.  The Complainant was awarded $1,080 in lost wages and $2,500 in compensatory damages. 

HCRC’s Final Decision and Order can be accessed here.

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