Apprenticeships Creating a Workforce For Your Company

For thousands of years, apprenticeships have been utilized to pass on trades to the next generation of workers.  Traditionally, apprenticeships were common only in certain occupations and industries such as construction or manufacturing.  Recently, however, apprenticeships have been recognized as an effective tool for employers across various industries, from healthcare to information technology.  And they have been gaining in popularity because both Presidents Obama and Trump have promoted apprenticeships with bi-partisan support, creating monetary incentives for employers to initiate or expand apprenticeship programs. 

Despite their increasing popularity, many companies remain hesitant to initiate and/or register apprenticeship programs for various reasons.  This article aims to dispel some popular misconceptions and offer reasons employers should consider apprenticeships as a way to attract, hire, and retain a highly-skilled workforce that meets the specific needs of your company.  Read More

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